Brandon Baumann is a singer, songwriter, and voice actor who hasn’t let up on the throttle for over two decades. His relentless commitment to his craft started in 2001 at the age of sixteen in San Jose, California, as a co-founder of his first band, Diamond Lane. 

The DL train rode the rails hard and fast for 19 years, releasing a half-dozen full length albums independently, backed by relentless touring and performances. Their tenacity and talent brought them to major stages across the States, from Shoreline Amphitheater supporting ZZ Top, to feature performances at ROCKLAHOMA, Hempfest, Sunset Strip Music Festival, and Retrospect Rockfest, in addition to selling out every legendary venue in Hollywood, from the Troubadour to The Viper Room to the Roxy during their tenure in Los Angeles. Fox Sports even once named the band their “Artist of the Month”, a title never-before bestowed upon an unsigned band, and one that included playing their tunes during all nationally televised sporting events. Not too shabby for a couple of kids with big dreams. 

2020 found Baumann in the seat of natural evolution, taking the leap of pursuing his own endeavors, with his very first solo album release. His debut solo album “Manifestation” arrived 1/31/20 and for anyone following the journey, easily his most personal and introspective collection of songs to date, not to mention quite the departure from his leather-seared hard rock roots. 

“[Brandon] has ventured out and brought you his aural vision, which again, is a whole new ballgame. Just too much talent here to go unnoticed” - Derric Miller // Editor for HardRock Haven.

More-experimental-leaning singles followed in the years to come, with “None to Spare,” and "LIGHTNING" as the lead contenders. It was his ambitious re-imagining of Audioslave's "Like a Stone" that found Brandon returning to his true rock roots, and setting the tone for his next body of work.

And in true Brandon Baumann fashion, all the while his music pursuits were expanding, so were his ambitions. In the early 2010’s he found himself with an opportunity to peek behind the door of the world of Voice Acting. Immediately, a new fire was lit and another passionate pursuit was off and running. Followed by years of dedicated immersion, his credits now include a wide variety of international brands, featured in radio commercials and advertisements for Samsung, Coca-Cola, Sony Pictures, McDonald’s, Papa John’s, AT&T, Kraft Heinz, Duracell and more.

2024 finds Brandon still on the pursuit of all things creative, and he is still as tenacious as ever. While he continues to write, record and prepare his next solo album release, Brandon also currently rocks the mic for Northern California based heavy-cover band, Take Cover, as well as the formidable SoCal 5-piece, Party Train. These reps on stage keeps his pipes strong, his spirit high, and honors his commitment to spread goodness and positively contribute with every opportunity.

It’s unmistakable - Brandon’s language of love, life, and pursuit manifest in the music he conjures and the creativity he puts out into the universe.